Sunday, January 11, 2015


October was a fun and busy month for us. We did a lot of things. Sometimes it felt as though we had something to do or attend every night. But that is what made it fun and exciting. And, of course, there was Halloween. What’s not to love about Halloween? The costumes—this was a little tricky for my children. They each (except for Emerson who was oblivious to it all), changed their minds about three or four times, so we had to make a lot of trips to look and return. But in the end, they were pretty happy with their choices—Maleficent, a skeleton, and a skeleton ballerina (Hudson wanted Emerson to match him so bad, so I gave in. But I added a little girly flair with the tutu). It was all so much fun. And then there was also the pumpkin patch. My kids had so much fun running around playing, swinging, jumping, getting lost in the corn maze, eating mini doughnuts, and talking with friends. October really was a fun month, and we loved every minute of it.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Flag Football

Hudson finished his second season of flag football in October, and had a lot of fun. He did have a few weeks where he was not as interested in playing as other weeks, but for the most part he had a lot of fun playing. Johnny did a great job coaching, and I would say we had a successful football season.

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Sometimes Hudson likes to pretend he is a mannequin at Old Navy. He fools quite a few people.

It's Off!

Elle was so excited and happy to get her cast off. That is until she saw the pins in her arm. Then she wanted it back on. She didn’t want them to take the pins out of her arm at all. She thought they looked scary, and she was sure that it would hurt to take them out. But after a pep talk, and holding her hand tight, Elle let them take the pins out. And, to her surprise, she found that taking them out did not hurt at all. She still had to wear a brace for three weeks afterwards, but now she is as good as new.

I am so sad that my sweet, little girl had to break her arm, but she handled everything really well. And now she has found out all that she can do with her left hand.

Hudson Writes His Name

A little before Hudson’s birthday, he started showing some interest in writing his name. So, with a little help, Hudson wrote his name for the first time. I think this is such a neat accomplishment for kids. It is exciting when they can write their own name. Hudson is very proud and excited with his new-found skill.


Our trip to California in September was so much fun. Even the 9-hour drive was not too bad. Emerson took three naps, and Elle and Hudson watched lots of movies. Much better than I anticipated. Traveling with infants is never a sure thing. I never know what to expect.

Once we arrived in California, we did nothing but play and visit. We were able to spend Hudson’s entire birthday at the beach in Monterey. The weather was perfect, and we loved playing in the sand and splashing in the waves. We were there for over six hours, and no one wanted to leave. I had to practically drag Elle to the car—she could have danced on the beach well into the night. But after some clam chowder bowls, and a walk down Cannery Row, we headed to the hotel for the night.

The next day brought Elle’s first trip to the American Girl Store. She was so excited. She got to eat with her doll, shop, and look and touch all of the things she usually only sees in the magazine. Elle loved every minute of going there. It was something she absolutely loved.

Then we had rehearsal dinner, and the actual wedding. Elle got to be the flower girl (lucky little girl has been one twice now), which she loved. It was a beautiful wedding, and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Finally, we had the long-drive home, but the kids did great. All in all, it was a wonderful trip, and we are always happy to visit family in California.